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Soaking Your Horse's Hooves

April 24, 2017

Soaking hooves is often part of the treatment for a variety of hoof ailments, namely abscesses.  A nice soak in a custom concoction sounds like a great idea (on paper) but in reality may horses despise standing in a feed tub.  Feed tubs are for FOOD, and your horse knows it!


About to spill.....




Make sure your horse really needs a soak. Any hoof issues should be tended to by your Veterinarian to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan. Some conditions need an ice bath, others need a hot water soak.


Ground rules for everyone’s safety:

  • Practice before you need to do it!  Just for grins, see what he thinks of getting his hoof soaked when he doesn’t need it. 


  • Use cross ties!  These minimize the fidgeting that your horse can do as he stews in his special soaking mixture.


  • Reward good behavior!  


  • Don’t leave him in the cross ties to tend to other barn chores. . 



Some tips for making the soaking time pass easily:


  • Timing is everything!  Soak when his belly is full, not when hay is getting handed out!


  • Combine cross tie tasks - soak first, then go about grooming.  You can distract your horse with lots of scratching in his favorite places.  


  • Add a hay net if you need to.  His belly may be full, but hay nets make excellent pacifiers for the dancing cross tie horse. 


  • Make sure your horse is comfortable.  Is he cold? Is he calling for his buddies? Is he scared?

  • Use the best tools. Tubs are great for feed, not for soaking. The Hoof Wraps Soaker Kit is tough enough to stand on it’s own, deal with a shod horse, and stay secure.



Happy soaking!

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